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FACEMASK CHAINS MEN UNISEX (Tarnish Resistant Stainless Steel with no beads)


Our UNISEX FACEMASK CHAIN is designed with Tarnish Resistant Grade 304 stainless chain and two lobster clasps at each end to hook onto the bottom section of the elastic on your mask. Comes in very handy for situations where your facemask is taken on and off so you don't have to worry about holding it in your hand or resting it on a potentially unclean surface. As an example, not needing your mask on while driving to the supermarket or chemist for food and essential items, but required to wear a mask once at the shops. Facemasks in photos are for display purposes only. 

  • Designed with Grade 304 TARNISH RESISTANT Stainless Steel Chain and Stainless Lobster Clasps at each end to clasp on to the mask to keep it within easy reach
  • The length of where you would like your facemask chain to sit on you will be a personal preference. For this reason, we have designed our chains to give you the choice to either shorten or add extra length and decide what is most comfortable for you or a family member.
  • If unsure of what length you may need, a choice of 6cm or 10cm detachable Extender chains is available with each mask chain. Photo 3 shows the approximate position of where a 50cm mask chain sits on you without using the extender.
  • The Facemask chain can also easily be shortened if needed by using the links on the specifically chosen stainless steel chain as shown in Photo 9.

Some practical ideas using our Facemask chains: The facemask chain with mask can be placed on a clean doorknob near your front door or another appropriate place, to help you remember to take it with you when you leave the house.



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