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Speclace ~ Where Style meets Practicality!
Hello and welcome to our 'Speclace' store. We are based in the lovely city of Melbourne, Australia. Our website is in Australian dollars (AUD) with Flat Rate Shipping Australia Wide. For our International visitors our International Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/Speclace  is in USD with currency conversion at checkout. 
The Story of 'Speclace' began in the Spring of 2014. After months of misplacing glasses, having them fall off my head or searching through my handbag for my glasses, I knew it was time to buy a glasses chain. After much thought, I designed a stylish necklace with a decorative loop at the centre on which glasses could be placed. One arm of the glasses when placed through the loop and folded over would hold your glasses securely and within easy reach. This would have the added benefit of not only being a glasses chain, but doubling as a stylish necklace that could be worn to work, while travelling, when out and about or even at home. Then came the task of naming our newly designed necklaces. After some creative brainstorming and playing with words, we decided "Speclace" was the perfect way to describe our glasses chains. 'SPEC' from the first part of spectacles and 'LACE' from the last part of necklace and from there "SPECLACE" was born. 

In line with our theme of creating jewellery and accessories with a purpose, Speclace also stocks 'LANYARD Necklaces' for Work badges, Name tags, Swipe Cards and Work I.D's. Each Speclace and Lanyard Necklace is designed a decorative loop at the centre, strong good quality chain and completed with a lobster clasp for ease of use. Our Lanyard necklaces are longer at approximately 80cm in length, with a choice of lobster clasp or magnetic breakaway clasp if required for safety reasons. The best part of these innovative designs, is wearing a lovely necklace with a convenient place to hold your glasses, Swipe Cards, Name Badges or Work I.D's. 

Christine and Lauren


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