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Speclaces can be worn as a lovely necklace when out and about with the option to keep your glasses handy. Simply slip one arm of your glasses through the loop and fold over. Your glasses are held securely and within easy reach. Each speclace is completed with a lobster clasp for ease of use.

Our speclaces are available with loops in different sizes to accommodate glasses with arms of different widths. Our popular loops are the 18mm Silver Twist Loop and the 25mm double-sided flower/leaf Loop. When choosing a speclace as a gift for a friend or relative and not sure of the width of the arms of their glasses, it is best to choose a speclace with a larger loop of 25mm or more. The 25mm double sided decorative loop is a popular choice by many.

Choosing the correct Speclace loop 

  • To check which speclace loop is best for your glasses, measure the arms of your glasses at its widest point usually where the arms meet the frame. This should give you an idea of which loop size is best for your glasses. 
  • The silver twist loop is suitable for those who have glasses with narrow arms that are 18mm or less in width.
  • The double-sided decorative loop has an inner diameter of 25mm and suitable for glasses with wider arms up to 25mm in width. A lovely loop engraved with flowers on one side and leaves on the other. 
  • Larger loops with inner diameters of 27mm, 28mm and 34mm are also available. Please Contact Us with any queries you may have, or if you would like one of our speclaces custom designed with a larger loop.

Speclace Length

* Our speclaces come in varying lengths of 65cm or 70cm. The best way to work out the ideal length for you, is to take a piece of string or ribbon and loop it around your neck to the desired length, then measure it.
* Please bear in mind a speclace can't be too long, as your glasses will add some length to the drop. If it is too long, glasses may dangle in your lap when sitting at a computer or at a table, or sway when you walk. The longer length would suit taller or curvier women. Please feel free to message us if you have any queries. Every question you have is important to us. 
If the recipient of the gift is above average height or quite tall it may be better to choose the longer length option.




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