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Lampwork BeadLampwork beads feature exclusively in our Boutique Range. An example of beautiful glass blown lampwork beads by Lampwork artist Lydia Muell. Lampwork beads are created by melting colourful glass rods around a mandrel over a flame. Lampwork artists have spent years perfecting the art of lampworking.These beads are simply exquisite because of the amount of care that goes into their creation. Each bead is designed and created one at a time. They are truly unique in every sense of the word as no two beads are ever the same. Original designs are exclusive, limited only by the jewellery artists’ imagination. Photos compliments of artisan Lydia Muell (Lampworktreasures.com)


Lampworking first started in the Czech Republic and continued to Italy. Traditionally, glass beads were formed by melting hot glass canes with a gas lamp. Glassblowing is now performed using a small torch. Today, glass beads are made from glass rods that become pliable once heated. Italian Effetre and Vetrofond glass are commonly used for their strength.

Narrow rods of glass are slowly introduced under the flame tip of a gas burner torch and heated until molten. The liquid-like glass is wound around a thin, stainless steel rod or mandrel. The mandrel size determines the size of the hole through the bead.


Lampwork Beads

 Beautifully Handcrafted lampwork beads

The glass beads can be decorated with glass dots or raised metallic bumps. Quality Beads are slowly cooled and annealed within a kiln for 5-6 hours or overnight to strengthen each bead. The costs involved for initial equipment set-up is quite expensive and training can also be very labour intensive.


It takes years to practice and perfect the technique of lampworking. The original beauty in these glass beads is unparalleled. For this reason, lampwork beads are more expensive than regular beads. Lampwork bead speclaces can be seen in our Boutique Range.






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