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VANILLA CREAM LANYARD (Stainless Steel Chain)


Vanilla Cream is a stylish and versatile lanyard necklace with tarnish resistant stainless steel chain that will match many outfits. A lovely lanyard that will transition well from day to night and season to season. Completed with a 25mm double sided decorative loop on which name tags, swipe cards or Work I.D's can be placed. Optional Add-Ons are available.


  • Round light cream glass pearl beads (approx 10mm) amidst matching light cream disc shaped beads.
  • Tarnish resistant Grade 304 stainless steel chain.
  • A lovely double sided decorative 25mm loop engraved with flowers on one side and leaves on the other.
  • A choice of lobster clasp or break-away magnetic clasp.

Choice of Add-Ons available:

  1. Removable double ended lobster clasp Add On
  2. Detachable good quality flower shaped keyring Add On
  3. A variety of Keychains in the 'Detachable Add Ons' Section
    Lanyard Necklace Chain and length: Approximately 80cm (32") in length with strong quality stainless steel chain. Please message us if you would like a custom made lanyard in a longer length.



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