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The main difference between our Speclaces and our Lanyards

The difference between our Lanyard necklaces and our Speclaces is the length of the necklace. As glasses add extra length to the drop and may sway if a speclace is too long, our Speclaces are shorter and available in 65cm, 70cm or 75cm lengths. The longer speclace length is suitable for taller women. On the other hand our Lanyard necklaces are available in 80cm or 85cm lengths as lanyards are longer and used for Name badges, Work I.D's or work keys. 

The decorative loop is central to all our necklaces and doubles as a useful option for placing glasses if purchased as a shorter 'Speclace' or for Work I.D's, Swipe cards or work keys when a longer Lanyard necklace is required. Our latest arrivals is our range of Meaningful Charm Keychains that can be purchased individually or as an Add On accessory for our Lanyard necklaces. Our recent additions have been our popular 'Love my Dog' and 'Love my Cat' range


Each keychain is detachable with a large swivel lobster clasp at one end and can be placed on the loop of our lanyard necklaces with keys separated between the charms or securely clasped inside a handbag or travel bag with spare house or work keys. Can also be used as a lovely bag dangle or bag clip. They make lovely gifts with meaningful charms for friends, relatives or work colleagues.

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